Ep. 98 – The Rougarou

The Rougarou is a werewolf or dog-like creature that exists along the swamps and bayous of Southeast Louisiana. Most reports of the Rougarou claim it is a half-man, half-dog or that it is a man with the head of a dog. It stands upright on two feet, is covered in hair, with long fangs and red glowing eyes. Unlike most werewolves, it can turn into this form at any time of the month, and doesn’t seem to be as violent, prefering to wreak havoc by destroying property or passing his curse onto others.

The curse of the Rougarou varies with some saying you become one by not observing Lent for seven years, by staring into his glowing eyes, or by being cursed by someone or a witch. Some say that if you become one, then you must keep the secret for 101 days in order for the curse to be broken, but if you do not, you will be bound to the curse forever. You can protect yourself from a Rougarou entering your home by placing thirteen pennies, rocks, or other objects on your doorstep, because it doesn’t know the number 13. It will become perplexed and will keep trying to count the objects.

What roams down in Louisiana? Join us on episode 98 to hear more about the Rougarou!