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Paranormal Punchers is a light-hearted podcast discussing anything paranormal. From Bigfoot to haunted locations, the hosts breakdown a paranormal story and give you their uneducated, but honest and spirited opinions.

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Bonus – Paul and Anna from Saturday Adventures

On this special episode we chat with Paul and Anna from Saturday Adventures! Saturday Adventures follows the exploits of Indy Anna Bones, an archaeologist, explorer, adventurer, and cryptozoologist, and their adventures have taken them across the country and around the world! They have climbed the Great Pyramid, stood in the footsteps of Alexander, tracked Bigfoot […]

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“I started listening about a week ago and haven’t stopped. I drive a semi truck and you guys keep me entertained. Thank you for all you guys do and keep punching. If you’re ever in southern California area we should grab a pint.” – Coedy

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