Ep. 97 – The Hat Man

Dark apparitions that reveal themselves while you’re sleeping are scary enough, but of all the Shadow People that visit you at night, the Hat Man may be the creepiest. Because he appears in so many different situations, and occasionally to several people in the same family, there isn’t really a clear explanation if he’s truly evil and why he appears to so many people. He has been seen all over the world, making the Hat Man a global phenomenon.

The Hat Man, unlike shadow people, is a completely solid dark figure who tends to observe you in the corner of your room while you sleep. He is six feet or taller, always wearing a wide-brimmed hat, and has glowing red eyes. He seems to hang around areas where there are negative emotions taking place, and some people believe that he emits a very powerful negative energy and feeds off the fear he causes.

Who is the Hat Man? Is he an interdimensional being, a ghost, or simply a hallucination? Join us on episode 97 to hear more about the Hat Man phenomenon!