Ep. 99 – Satan’s Hollow

Can you get to hell from a storm drain in southern Ohio? Legend claims that a haunted portal called Satan’s Hollow that leads straight to hell is located in Blue Ash, Ohio. Satan’s Hollow is a series of drainage tunnels, where a group of Satanists used to meet in an altar room, and conduct their rituals. Inside the tunnel/storm drain, there is graffiti on the wall including symbols of the sign of the Devil, 666 and the words “GO BACK” and “HELL LIES AHEAD.” While these tunnels certainly are creepy, they aren’t very big. Aside from the area when you enter the tunnel system, you pretty much have to stay bent over to get through, & they get smaller as you go on.

People have heard screams coming from inside the tunnel at night, have seen floating faces, skulls, and apparitions, and some have seen a strange glow flickering from within. There is also supposedly a demon called “The Shadow Man” that waits inside guarding the tunnels from trespassers. In the Altar Room, it is claimed that you can hear strange noises that sound like footsteps rapidly making their way through the shallow film of water that flows everywhere, and the energy in the vicinity changes. 

Are these storm drains a portal to hell? Join us on episode 99 to hear more about Satan’s Hollow