Ep. 96 – The Welsh Roswell

The Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident, also known as the Welsh Roswell, was a mysterious event involving strange lights and noises that occurred the evening of January 23, 1974. At approximately 8:30 PM, people in the area were surprised to hear an enormous boom and feel the earth shake, and when looking outside saw a brilliant light in the sky traveling over the mountain peaks. There were soon reports of a large fire burning on the side of the mountain, and the Royal Air Force was scrambled on a rescue mission to the area, but in the end, they claimed to have found no evidence of plane wreckage or any evidence that anything had crashed.

The official explanation was that the residents in that area had experienced an earthquake at the same time that a meteor was burning up in the atmosphere. The odds of that seems infinitesimal, which is why many people believe that a UFO crashed landed in the mountainous and remote area and then was covered up by the British government, earning it the nickname of Roswell.

Did the area experience an earthquake and meteor at the same time or was it something much more mysterious and paranormal? Join us on episode 96 to hear more!