Ep. 93 – The Kinross Incident

During the early evening of November 23, 1953, 1st Lieutenant Felix Moncla and 2nd Lieutenant Robert Wilson left the Kinross Air Force Base in a F-89C Scorpion fighter jet to investigate a strange radar return that had been picked up. In the control room at the base, radar operators watched the screen as the blip representing the jet got closer to the unidentified blip, and then became one with it. Radar operatives lost contact with the jet and eventually the blip disappeared from the screen. After several days of searching, no trace of the jet, the two men or the unknown object were ever found.

It wasn’t long before the Air Force began to backtrack and give different stories about the circumstances of that evening, but there is speculation from many that Felix Moncla and Robert Wilson had come in contact with a UFO. Because there is no plane debris or evidence of the encounter, it has been theorized that their plane was either engulfed by the UFO or they may have gone through an open portal or gateway following the strange craft to an unknown location. 

What happened that night? Join us on episode 93 to hear more about the disappearance of Felix Moncla and Robert Wilson!

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