Ep. 92 – Haunted White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue might be the most famous address in America, but it is also perhaps the country’s most famous haunted house. Presidents, first ladies, staff members and guests have reported feeling ghostly presences, hearing unexplained noises and even running into apparitions throughout the years. The ghost of Abigail Adams has been seen carrying her laundry, President Andrew Jackson has been heard stomping and swearing through the halls, and an unknown soldier has been seen roaming the grounds holding a torch. But by far the most frequently reported sightings have been of President Abraham Lincoln.

Grace Coolidge, President Coolidge’s wife, was the first person to witness Lincoln’s ghost. He was looking out a window in the oval office and turned to look at her before disappearing. Winston Churchhill even told a story of seeing the apparition of Abraham Lincoln after he emerged from his bath with the same results. Psychics have speculated that Lincoln’s spirit remains in the White House to be on hand in times of crisis, as well as to complete the difficult work that his untimely death left unfinished. Others believe that the numerous séances that Mary Todd Lincoln had in the Red Room may have attracted spirits to the building.

Join us on episode 92 to hear more about what spirits linger in the White House!

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