Ep. 94 – The Abair Road Incident

Stories of giant stones being tossed at hikers, loud screams that pierce the air and even sightings of something unknown have filled Whitehall, NY locals’ lives for generations. In August of 1976 there were sightings of a creature that took place over a two day period which is now called the Abair Road Incident. This creature was described as being between 7 and 8 feet tall, having red glowing eyes, walking like a man, but looking more like a gorilla, and it was reported by multiple witnesses that it made a sound like a pig squealing or a woman screaming.

Over a two day period in August 1976, several civilians and multiple police officers witnessed a creature that can only be described as Bigfoot. But some sightings since then have seen a creature with a long and lanky torso and thin gangly arms, which leads many to believe that the Abair Road creature was another paranormal entity, or that there may be more than one type around in the area.

Is the area surrounding Whitehall, New York a hotbed for paranormal activity? Join us on episode 94 to hear more!

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