Ep. 91 – Solomon Islands Giants

The Solomon Islands is east of Papua New Guinea, and consists of nearly one thousand islands. One of the largest of the islands, Guadalcanal, contains eerie forests that have rarely been explored by scientists and many area tribes believe it to be the home to the giants. These giants are over ten feet tall, with evidence that they grow much taller, have very long black, brown or reddish hair, and have bulging red eyeballs. Although they are omnivorous, most reports find them to be very dangerous to humans.

Islanders believe that the giants travel in a vast cave system that spans the entire length of the island, and have a huge city beneath the mountain with advanced technology. There are also numerous reports of UFO activity on the island, as well as possible subterranean extraterrestrial bases, which leads many to believe there could be a connection to aliens.

What are these giants? Are they a fable passed down through the generations? Or are they unknown hominid similar to a Bigfoot, Yeti or Yowi? Join us on episode 91 to hear more!

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