Ep. 76 – The Bear Lake Monster

Bear Lake is a natural freshwater lake situated on the Idaho-Utah border, and has been called the “Caribbean of the Rockies” due to its unique turquoise-blue color. But lurking beneath the blue water, is a creature that is known to wait for its victims on the shores or unwary swimmers in the lake. Descriptions of the Bear Lake Monster vary, but it is reported to be 40 feet long, resembles a serpent or crocodile, with gray-greenish skin, short, but powerful, legs, and a head that looks similar to cow.

Although, the legend of the Bear Lake Monster was passed down for generations by the Native Americans, it wasn’t reported in the news until 1868. Within several years, reports of people witnessing the creature, and sometimes several creatures, was running rampant, and although sightings have calmed down since then, he has been spotted from time to time in the last few decades. Many people speculate that there may be an underground channel that connects to other water ways which is why we only see him every now and then.

Is the Bear Lake Monster just a case of misidentification? Or is there a creature prowling the water searching for its next victim? Join us on episode 76 to hear more!


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