Ep. 77 – American Dyatlov Pass

In February of 1978, an unsolved incident occurred to five young men from Yuba County that is still being investigated by the area police today. The five men are known collectively as the Yuba County Five, and the incident itself is referred to as the American Dyatlov Pass. On February 24, 1978, Gary Mathias, Jack Huett, William Sterling, Ted Weiher and Jack Madruga left a college basketball game at 10 PM with the intention of driving home to get ready for their own league basketball game the next day. Unfortunately, none of the men arrived at their destination.

The car they were driving was found two days after a search was launched, but because of a winter storm hitting the area shortly after, the authorities had to postpone the search. On June 4, 1978, a group of motorcyclists happened upon a ranger cabin that was about twenty miles from the abandoned car, where they discovered the emaciated body of Ted Weiher. The remains of 3 of the other men were discovered shortly after in the surrounding area, but the body of Gary Mathias was never found.

There are a lot of questions and very few answers surrounding the strange and mysterious disappearance and deaths of these young men. What made them drive on a road far off from the route they should’ve taken? Why would they exit a perfectly working car and walk through the snow and woods to nowhere? Join us on episode 77 to hear more about this unsolved mystery!

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