Ep. 71 – The Green Children of Woolpit

The Green Children of Woolpit are two children, a brother and sister, who showed up in the town of Woolpit in the 12th century. They had a green hue to their skin, were wearing clothing made from a strange material, and spoke a language no one could understand. Despite starving, the children wouldn’t eat any of the food given to them by the townspeople until someone brought them raw broad beans several days later. They survived for months on only the beans until eventually they began to eat other foods. The boy became sick and died, while the girl thrived and her skin returned to a normal color.

Eventually, the girl learned English and told the townspeople that she came from the land of Saint Martin, where there was no sun, but a perpetual twilight and everyone was green like they had been. They had gotten disoriented and lost in a cave, and when they finally emerged, it was in Woolpit. Since then, there have been a few scientific, as well as supernatural, explanations applied to this strange tale. Some believe it was simply chlorosis affecting the children, while others believe that the townsfolk of Woolpit were visited by aliens.

What do you think? Were they aliens part of an underground community, or just simply a case of poor diet? Join us on episode 71 to hear more about this strange and curious tale!


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