Ep. 70 – Stories of Bigfoot on Mount St. Helens

In July of 1924, a group of gold prospectors reportedly encountered multiple Bigfoot on the east flank of Mt. St. Helens, where they hastily fired their guns on them. The violence proved to be a mistake. That night, their cabin was assailed by a barrage of rocks, and they heard, and felt, giant bodies slamming against the walls and doors. The battle carried on the entire night, and when the sun came up, the hairy beasts broke off their attack and slipped away. The men packed up their gear and left to find safety down the mountain.

There have been other reports of Bigfoot on Mt. St. Helens throughout the years. When the volcano erupted in May of 1980, there were several reports of government cleanup crews retrieving the burned bodies of many Bigfoot and taking them to some undisclosed location. Native Americans in the area, have spoken of “mountain devils” and passed down legends about these creatures. There have even been recent reports of Bigfoot chasing a woman out of her camp site.

Join us on episode 70 to hear these stories and so much more of Bigfoot on Mt. St. Helens!