Ep. 69 – Indrid Cold, The Grinning Man

In November 1966, near Point Pleasant, WV, Woodrow ‘Woody’ Derenberger witnessed a UFO land in front of his vehicle while driving home from work one night. A door opened from the craft, and a man stepped out. The man was wearing a glistening green uniform, and he had a huge grin on his face. While using telepathy, this man introduced himself as Indrid Cold, that Woody had nothing to fear and then proceeded to ask Woody several questions. After their encounter, he told Woody that he would return, and then left in his ship.

One month earlier, two boys were walking home in Elizabeth, NJ, when they noticed a tall man standing behind a fence near them. He had no hair, ears or nose, was wearing shiny green coveralls, and when he turned around, they saw that he had a huge grin on his face. The boys ran away before they could interact with the strange man. On the same night, many people witnessed a blazing white light, as big as a car, move on a slow arc across the sky.

Who or what did these people encounter? Could Indrid Cold be an alien? Why was he always smiling? Join us on episode 69 to hear more!

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