Ep. 68 – Summerwind Mansion

Summerwind Mansion, considered Wisconsin’s most haunted house, is located on the shores of West Bay Lake. When it was purchased by the Lamont’s in 1916, the maids informed them that it was haunted, and even though they experienced weird and unexplained things throughout the years, it wasn’t until the mid-1930’s that the family’s feelings changed. That day, they were at the dinner table when the basement door flew open and the apparition of a man appeared. Lamont fired his pistol twice at the spirit, but the bullets traveled through the specter and lodged into the wall. The family promptly fled the home.

Throughout the years, multiple families owned the home, and they each experienced paranormal activity. Strange sounds and voices could be heard, tools would go missing, windows would open and close on their own, and on several occasions apparitions would be witnessed. On June 19, 1988, the mansion was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. All that remains, is the stone chimney and the foundation, but people still believe that something still haunts the area.

Who or what haunts this home? Does the home itself attract people here in order to feed off their energy? Join us on episode 68 to hear more!