Ep. 65 – Wendigo

The Wendigo is a cannibalistic spirit that closely resembles a zombie. The best known way to become a Wendigo is by eating another human being, even when done out of necessity for survival. It appears to be gaunt, with its skin stretched tight across its bones, has massive, sunken eyes, and very sharp claws. There are some reports that say it is missing its lips and toes, while others report that it has the head of a deer. The Wendigo is a cold weather creature and a near-perfect hunter and has been reported to have the ability to mimic human voices which it uses to lure people into its territory. 

The Wendigo can be traced to Algonquian Native American folklore where the first Wendigo is said to be a warrior who made a deal with the Devil. In order to save his tribe, he gave up his soul and was transformed into the creature. Once the tribe found peace, he was banished from his tribe and forced to live as an outcast. In the last century there have been reports of many people who have become a Wendigo and even one of a Wendigo hunter. 

What roams up in the cold north? Join us on episode 65 as we talk about the Wendigo, its history and the many stories and sightings of this creature!