Ep. 64 – Robert the Doll

Robert the Doll is a life-size, century old doll that is stuffed with wood wool, wearing a sailor outfit, and carrying his own toy dog. He has buttons for eyes, wears a malevolent smirk and is covered in nicks, similar to scars. He was given to a young Robert Eugene ‘Gene” Otto by his grandfather when he was a small boy, but some believe that he was a gift from a nanny who was mistreated by the family. She practiced voodoo & imbued the doll with her magic.

Robert the Doll has been known to move positions in a room, change his facial expressions, & make giggling sounds. Now a resident of the East Martello Museum in Key West, FL, cameras will malfunction & other electronic equipment will go haywire when in his presence. Visitors of the museum believe that he is responsible for any misfortune that befalls them because they were disrespectful to him.

What or whom is haunting this creepy doll? Does he still feed off the many visitors he gets at the museum? Join us on episode 64 to hear all about Robert the Doll & his many paranormal attributes!