Ep. 156 – The Cursed Town of Dudleytown, CT

Dudleytown, an abandoned settlement located in the Dark Entry Forest near Cornwall, CT, is a small village that most people avoid because it is thought to be a cursed location due to its dark history.  Even with the name, it was never really an actual town. The name was given to this area of Cornwall because several members of the Dudley family lived there in the 1740s. Settlers began to trickle into the area & the community grew even larger after iron ore was discovered nearby, but it was repeatedly plagued by murder, suicide, madness/insanity, disappearances & failed business.

Dudleytown has been abandoned since the early 1900s & cannot be visited because it is part of a land trust. Even though it is forbidden to enter, people have still made their way in to explore and experience the paranormal here. People have felt an overwhelming feeling of dread, terror or fear here or been overwhelmed with sadness. Mysterious lights & orbs have been seen & some have been touched, pushed & scratched by unseen hands. There have also been sightings of strange creatures that would come out of the woods at night.

We also review the 2015 movie We Are Still Here starring Andrew Sensenig & Barbara Crampton. A grieving couple unknowingly becomes the prey of a family of vengeful spirits that resides in their new New England home, and they soon discover that the seemingly nearby peaceful town is hiding a terrifyingly dark secret. 

Join us on episode 156 to hear more about the cursed Dudleytown and those that lived here!