Ep. 157 – The Minerva Monster

Back in 1978, there were multiple reports of a tall, hairy, 300-pound creature that was seen in a heavily wooded area about 2 miles from Minerva, OH over a period of a few weeks. One hot summer night in August of 1978, the Cayton family was sitting at the kitchen table when they heard a noise in the back yard & their dog started barking. They glanced out the window & that was when they saw something near the woods – a 6-foot-tall hairy creature! A few nights later they saw it again, but this time it was seen peering into their kitchen from the window! What they saw was a 300 hairy creature with black & brown matted hair on its head & body. 

It was seen several times by them as well as by other members of the community in the area, either near a strip mine, crossing a road, or even sitting on a chicken coop. It was even seen protecting two smaller creatures in one run in. Once the news began reporting the encounters, the Dayton family’s home became an ground zero for Bigfoot enthusiasts & hunters. It got so bad, the family had to put up a fence to keep onlookers out. The family received a lot of backlash, & taunting from the rest of the town, & it was believed that they were just pulling a hoax for publicity. But the Caytons stuck to their story and never wavered. 

What was seen by the Dayton family in August of 1978? Join us on episode 157 to hear more about Ohio’s Bigfoot, the Minerva Monster!