Ep. 154 – Shaman’s Portal

Beaver Dunes Park in Oklahoma’s panhandle is 300+ acres of dunes & sand where visitors can enjoy dune buggy riding, hiking trails, & several campgrounds. It is also known as Oklahoma’s Bermuda Triangle as well as the Shaman’s Portal due to its mysterious & tragic history. The mysterious & paranormal history of this area can be dated back to the 1500’s when the Spanish conquistador Francisco Vazquez de Coronado was in the area searching for the elusive Lost City of Gold. Native Americans tried to warn Coronado of the danger of the dunes, which they called the “Shaman’s Portal” but he, of course, ignored their warnings. While exploring the area, three of his men disappeared instantly into flashes of blinding green light, & ever since then, there have been accounts of other people who have simply disappeared.

What could be causing these disappearances or flashes of light? It has been speculated that perhaps it is because it may be the location of a UFO crash from an unknown time & the dunes hide the wreckage. There are reports from visitors camping in the park where they have seen mysterious military-looking people digging at the dunes in the middle of the night. Strange anomalies in geographical samples in the area have included ionized soil and electromagnetic phenomenon that was scientifically unexplainable. Some of the theories out there conjecture that there is a possible cave system beneath the dunes that leads to a portal or doorway to another/alternate dimension.

Join us on episode 154 as we discuss the mysterious Shaman’s Portal in Oklahoma!