Ep. 144 – The Devil’s Rocking Chair

The Devil’s Rocking Chair appears to be a seemingly normal looking rocking chair that belonged to the Glatzel family, but it has been known to cause many paranormal and unexplained things to happen to those unfortunate to sit in it or even be in its vicinity.  In the summer of 1980, eleven-year-old David Glatzel began to have nightmares of a ghostly figure that looked like a man with black eyes, pointed ears, horns and hooves, and he had a thin gaunt face with spiky teeth. The nightmares progressed to waking up with bruises and scratches and eventually speaking in an unknown language. The family had no choice but to bring in priests and Ed and Lorraine Warren to perform several exorcisms on the boy, many while he was sitting in the rocking chair, to free him from the Devil’s grasp. 

The family held onto the chair for many years after these strange events even though anyone who sat in the chair would suffer such excruciating back or sciatica problems that it would send them to hospital, some requiring surgery. In April 2019, Zak Bagans purchased the chair from David’s brother and placed it in his Haunted Museum. People soon began breaking into uncontrollable sobbing in view of the chair and one person collapsed near the chair on the stairs. It is believed that the chair is also responsible for doors closing on their own and light turning on and off. 

Join us on episode 144 to hear more about the history and paranormal occurrences of this very haunted rocking chair!