Ep. 145 – The Houston Batman

The Houston Batman, also known as the Houston Horror, was a very tall man-like creature with bat wings that was seen for the first time in the yard of Hilda Walker in Houston, TX. On a very hot, peaceful night, Hilda Walker, Judy Meyer, & Howard Phillips, all neighbors, were sitting on Hilda’s front porch around 2:30 am on June 18, 1953, when Hilda noticed a large shadow move across her lawn. The shadow then jumped up into a pecan tree & all three could see that the shadow appeared to be a very tall man-like figure standing around 6 ½ feet tall with bat-like wings on its back, wearing a black, tight-fitting outfit, & surrounded by a glowing yellow haze. The figure lingered for about 30 seconds before the light began to fade out & the figure vanished.

Even though this encounter only lasted a few seconds, there have been other reports of a flying batman or birdman in the area throughout the decades. There have been several theories as to what this mysterious creature could be, including an undiscovered species, an alien, or even an interdimensional time traveler, & Ken Gerhard, a cryptozoologist from TX, believes that the existence of these big birds is possible & if they do exist, their home base has to be somewhere remote & largely unexplored.

Join us on episode 145 to hear more about the Houston Batman!