Ep. 143 – The Mill Race Monster

The Mill Race Monster is a bipedal, 6-7 foot tall creature seen in the 83-acre Mill Race Park in Columbus, Indiana in 1974 which launched the largest monster hunt in US history. On November 1, 1974, four young women spotted the monster in the park and fled without any interaction with it, but several hours later, two girls were attacked while in their car. The one witness, Tyra Cataline, described it as having a greenish tinge to it with moss and slime on its face, and with large fangs. It attacked their car, biting and beating on the windshield trying to get into it before they were able to speed off.  The police laughed off the incident until they inspected their car and found it with having damage as well as the horrific stench coming from it. 

In the next few days, a few more encounters with the Mill Race Monster occurred, with one of the witnesses suggesting that because there had been UFOs and strange lights seen over the area, that the Mill Race Monster might have been of alien origin. It was at this point, that amateur monster hunters began to pour into the area, some carrying baseball bats and shotguns. It was so bad that one night, there was reportedly over 100 cars in the park. 

Sightings of this green hairy creature only transpired for a few days in early November1974 and hasn’t been seen since. What was the Mill Race Monster and why did he only hang around for a few days? Join us on episode 143 to hear more!