Ep. 142 – Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario is one of the 5 Great Lakes of North America and is the 13th largest lake in the world. Lake Ontario is known for many things, including the Niagara Falls, but it is also known to have paranormal mysteries, its own Vortex/Triangle, as well as a supposed underwater alien base! A small stretch of water off of Prince Edward County on the Eastern part of Lake Ontario is called the Marysburgh Vortex or the Graveyard of Lake Ontario. There have been a multitude of shipwrecks, airplane mishaps, strange sightings, and mysterious disappearances which leads this area to be called a vortex. The Marysburgh Vortex is the most dangerous part of the lake where compasses have been known to malfunction and rapid weather changes can occur here.

Although, the consensus is that there is a large iron deposit in the middle of the lakebed which causes the malfunctions, there are some that believe that the magnetic anomaly can be attributed to a major crossing of ley lines. There is also a ton of UFO sightings over the lake with people seeing unidentifiable objects or lights diving into & out of the lake. Some theorize that there might be an alien base located beneath the lake, and that there are several entrances located throughout. Are they interested in the area because of the ley lines, or is it something else that’s attracting them?

Join us on episode 142 to hear more about this mysterious Great Lake!