Ep. 141 – The Tuttle Bottoms Monster

The Tuttle Bottoms Monster inhabits a swampy area north of Harrisburg, Illinois in the Saline River watershed and has been haunting this area for generations. It is a gigantic ape-like, hairy creature with glowing eyes and a long snout similar to an anteater. The first report of the Tuttle Bottoms Monster occurred on August 6, 1963 when the Saline County Sheriff encountered multiple youths with guns who were searching for it in the Bottoms. In his 28 years of service, the sheriff received over 50 calls from people claiming to see this creature.

There are some that believe that the Tuttle Bottoms Monster is actually an animal that was created by scientists and then intentionally released by the government into the area. Others believe that it could be a surviving relative of a prehistoric anteater species. Or could it be an undiscovered species?

What is this mysterious creature? Join us on episode 141 to hear more about the Tuttle Bottoms Monster!

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