Ep. 140 – The Aswang

The name Aswang is applied to various shape-shifting evil creatures in the Filipino mythologies and culture. It is one of the most feared creatures in the Philippines, and depending on what region you are in, it could be a vampire, or a ghoul, or a witch, or a werebeast. Because the definitions and stories of the Aswang vary so much, there is no specific set of characteristics. But, there is one common concern for the Aswang: they are shape-shifters. They are the most powerful during the night, and although they are usually described to be secluded, they have been known to adapt in communities through marriage.

They are known to turn into a human with long dark hair during the day, and can be fast and silent, unless they want to trick you into thinking they are farther away and will then be loud. You can use holy objects, salt, vinegar, or coat yourself in urine in order to protect yourself against the Aswang. You can also use a bolo knife on the witch Aswang by stabbing it in the back.

Join us on episode 140 to hear more about this shape-shifting creature from the Philippines!

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