Ep. 139 – Point Lookout Lighthouse

The Point Lookout Lighthouse, located in Scotland, MD, sits at the entrance of the Potomac River at the southernmost tip of the Chesapeake Bay and is said to be the most haunted lighthouse in the United States. On May 3, 1825, it was decided that a light was needed at the entrance to the Potomac River in order to warn ships about the shoals and to prevent shipwrecks from continuing to happen at the entrance to the river. After five years of delays, it was first lit on September 20, 1830, and ran without too many issues through the years. Things changed for a time when the Civil War began. A hospital was built in the area to care for wounded Union soldiers, and when Camp Hoffman was built, it held as many as 20,000 prisoners at a time, which was double its occupancy limit, and at least 3,000 to 8000 died there due to limited rations and poor conditions.

Because of the death permeating the ground in the area due to the Civil War and the several shipwrecks that occurred near the lighthouse, the lighthouse is incredibly haunted. People have heard footsteps in the hall and stairway, heard doors slamming shut, and heard voices and even snoring coming from nowhere. Several paranormal investigations have occurred here, where they were able to catch numerous EVPs, felt cold spots, and witnessed full-body apparitions. It has been discovered that there are 24 distinct voices in the lighthouse.

Join us on episode 139 to hear more about Point Lookout Lighthouse, the most haunted lighthouse in America!

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