Ep. 130 – The Horizon City Monster

Just outside El Paso, Texas, a Bigfoot-like creature with red eyes has been prowling the area since the 1970’s. He was first seen in 1975 by three teenagers near the Horizon City golf course, and when the Sheriff’s Department investigated, only a footprint was found. They believed that the print had been manually dug, so felt that the whole encounter was a hoax or they had misidentified a long-haired hermit living in the mountains nearby. In 2001 and 2002, he was seen again by the same witness where she described it as 7 – 8 feet tall, with broad shoulders, an elongated head and a mouth that resembled a bull dog. It also had short faded brownish-maroon hair with glowing red eyes and small, pointy ears.

Most recently, in July 2021, a screaming howl was heard in McKelligon Canyon for several minutes by multiple people. It was something very different, very loud, almost like a thundering roar. It was quiet before the howls came back: one long one, followed by a few short ones. Then it was quiet again. Many believe that the Horizon City Monster had once again made his presence known.

Join us on episode 130 to hear more about this mysterious desert Bigfoot creature!