Ep. 129 – The RMS Queen Mary

The RMS Queen Mary was a large luxury British ocean liner that operated from 1936 to 1967, when she was retired and is now docked at Long Beach, California. Because of her size and speed, she served as a troop transport ship during World War II where she could transport an entire army division in one voyage. In 1942, she tragically sliced through an escort warship during an Atlantic crossing killing over 330 men, and was also responsible for prisoner of war transports. With the amount of trans-Atlantic crossings as this ship has done, and apparently the 49 recorded deaths here, including a crewman who was crushed by a watertight door, there may be as many as 150 spirits still lingering here.

This ship can be a drain on cell phone or camera batteries and people often feel dizzy, nauseous or have hot/cold flashes on board. There are drastic temp changes, slamming of doors and people have heard screaming or crying in many of the rooms. In stateroom B340, many guests have been woken from sleep by their bed sheets being ripped off the bed or by someone knocking on the door but no one is there. Many apparitions have been seen throughout the ship as well as one little girl spirit named Jackie who is often seen and heard in the pool area. 

Join us on episode 129 to hear about the hauntings of the RMS Queen Mary! 

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