Ep. 131 – Falcon Lake Incident

The Falcon Lake Incident occurred on May 20, 1967 and is considered one of Canada’s best documented UFO cases. Stefan Michalak, an amateur geologist, was prospecting near Falcon Lake when he was startled by some nearby geese that suddenly flew up. It was at that point he saw two cigar-shaped objects in the sky. One of them landed on a flat rock, while the other stayed in the air for a few minutes before flying off. He approached it, could feel warm air, smell Sulphur, as well as hear muffled voices inside. When he called out to see whoever was inside needed help, the voices immediately stopped. The ship began to turn counter-clockwise, and he was struck in the chest by a blast of air or gas that pushed him back and set his shirt and hat on fire. He ripped off his burning clothes while the ship lifted up and flew away.

Disoriented and nauseous, he stumbled through the forest until he eventually made it back to his motel. He was treated at a hospital for burns to his chest and stomach that later turned into raised sores in a grid-like pattern. And for weeks afterwards, he suffered from diarrhea, headaches, blackouts and weight loss. After it was investigated by several different government agencies, the official conclusion was that it was unexplained, and until the day that he died in 1999, Stefan never backed down or retracted his story.

Did Stefan have an encounter with an alien ship or was it just a secret military vehicle? Join us on episode 131 to hear more about the Falcon Lake Incident.

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