Ep. 128 – Island of the Dolls

Just south of Mexico City you will find a small island, Isla de las Muñecas (also known as the Island of Dolls), where a young girl met her fate in mysterious circumstances and it is now the home to hundreds of terrifying dolls hanging from trees, many decomposing and missing limbs or even heads.  Don Julián Santana Barrera found a young girl who drowned on the shores of this island and hung up her doll as a sign of respect and to show her spirit support in the afterlife. He soon found that he was being haunted by her spirit so to protect himself he began to collect dolls that he could hang up all over the island. Fifty year later, and many dolls later, Don Julián was found dead by drowning in the same spot as that little girl so long ago. 

Today, the island is a tourist spot with heaps of spiders, feral cats, and thousands of dolls. Some swear that the dolls blink, move and turn their heads to watch visitors as they walk around the island, and some claim that they come alive at night and whisper to each other.  The current caretaker of the island, Don Julián’s nephew, says that at night you can hear girl spirits crying as well as hear his uncles’ cane thumping on the ground. And many believe that they have felt lured to come to the island to possibly get possessed by the spirits trapped on the island. 

Join us on episode 128 to hear more about this creepy and haunted island! 

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