Ep. 124 – The House of Death

The House of Death has a very beautiful and charming exterior, but on the inside of this brownstone home in Greenwich Village, it is riddled with spirits that apparently will not leave. Since its construction in the 1850s, twenty-two people have reportedly died in this home. There have been several notable residents that have lived here, including Mark Twain who evidently is one of the spirits seen here in a white suit near the staircase. When Jan Bryant Bartell lived here in 1957, she witnessed and felt some of the psychic phenomenon, and invited a medium and paranormal investigator into the home to find out what was still residing there. The medium felt that there was something or many things dead under the floorboards and became possessed by the spirit of one of the entities that told them they were never going to leave. 

The paranormal experiences of the House of Death have apparently spread to neighboring houses on the street. Many have seen flickering lights and witnessed a woman in a long gown roaming down hallways as well as a disappearing gray cat. But ever since a grisly murder of a young girl occurred in the house in 1987, the paranormal activity has quieted down leading many to believe that perhaps the horrible act was just too much for the spirits to handle.

Join us on episode 124 to hear more about the House of Death!