Ep. 125 – The Black Knight Satellite

Followers of the Black Knight Theory believe that there is a spacecraft or satellite of extraterrestrial origin that has been in orbit near Earth for 13,000 years and that NASA and several governments are covering it up. The theory itself has been taken from several different unrelated events and compiled into one idea. In 1899, Nikola Tesla received electrical signals which he interpreted as a series of numeric codes that were sent from Mars, and in 1927, Norwegian engineer Jorgen Hals also encountered a weird sound anomaly which led many theorists to believe that aliens were trying to get our attention. Coupled with the sound oddities, there was the belief that the government was trying to conceal the truth about aliens and their existence.

Then in 1973, science fiction writer Duncan Lunan came up with a theory that took all these events and merged them into what is the current Black Knight Satellite Theory. He claimed that there is a 13,000 year old UFO orbiting the Earth and that he has decoded the signals from it in which it is from an alien race on a double star named Epsilon Bootis. The theory has found new life with the discovery of a photo taken during a mission to the International Space Station in 1998 of a black object floating in space.

Is there an extraterrestrial space probe in our orbit? Join us on episode 125 to hear more!

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