Ep. 123 – The Devil’s Tramping Grounds

The Devil’s Tramping Grounds, one of the most haunted spots in North Carolina, is a spot of barren land in a forty foot perfect circle located in a forest near Harper’s Crossroads. Local legend alleges that the Devil “tramps” and haunts this circle of ground in which nothing is supposed to grow. If someone places sticks or other obstacles in the path at dusk, it will be found outside the circle in the morning, regardless of the weight of the object. Animals won’t cross this area, and people have witnessed red glowing eyes in the circle as well as the area outside it. 

The Devil’s pacing in the circle is the most notable explanation, but others have suggested that a UFO landed there, that it is an ancient meeting place for Native Americans, as well as a possible link to Croatoan and the Lost Colonists. Soil studies have been done to see if there is a more scientific reason for nothing growing there, but the results showed that plants could actually survive there. 

Why does nothing grow in this forty foot path? Join us on episode 123 to hear more about this unexplainable piece of land!

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