Ep. 120 – Melonheads of Ohio, Michigan, and Connecticut

Melon Heads is the name given to legendary beings that live in the forests of Ohio, Michigan, and Connecticut. There are differing variations of how they came to be depending on which area you live in, but for the most part they appear human but with bulbous, melon-like heads, and they prey upon humans who wonder into their territory. Those that claim to see a melon head, say they are completely bald with a bulbous head, abnormal arms & legs, teeth that look like daggers, and glowing red eyes.

Almost every origin story of the Melon Heads involves an evil doctor or scientist performing cruel and terrible experiments on children with hydrocephalus which can cause an enlargement of the head. Many of these kids then become crazy or feral, but most historians agree that these hospitals, mental institutions and doctors never existed. There are some that believe the Melon Heads are actually a strange alien species that exists in these forests.

Who are the Melon Heads? Are they just stories, or could there be aliens living here? Join us on episode 120 to hear more!

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