Ep. 121 – The Haunted Hinsdale House

In the early 1970’s, the Dandy family moved into a home in Hinsdale, New York, which eventually would become known as the most haunted house in New York State. The family claimed that they were visited by many spirits while living there, and many of their experiences in the beginning seemed mild. They would see objects move on their own, smell perfume from someone they couldn’t see, or hear sounds from something unseen. They even heard chanting coming from the nearby woods. Eventually, though, things escalated and turned more sinister with knives being thrown across the room by unseen forces, and the children waking up with bruises and scratches all over their bodies. They turned to the church to have the house cleansed of the evil energy, but it failed and Father Trabold told the family to leave as soon as possible. 

The house shifted hands over the years, with no one staying for very long, until 2016, when Daniel Klaes purchased it. He uses the home now for paranormal research and claims that the spirits are still there. He believes that the paranormal activity stems from a Native American massacre that occurred there in 1799 and that when ponds were dug and installed on the property in the late 1960’s, something was unearthed.

Join us on episode 121 to hear about the most haunted home in New York State! 

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