Ep. 119 – Brushy Mountain State Penn

“Welcome to the end of the line!” Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary in Petros, TN is Tennessee’s first maximum-security prison holding the state’s most violent murderers, robbers and rapists. Some of the sentences were for 200 years or more, so most of the men who were here, never made it out. And although the death penalty was never carried out here, many met their end by natural or even devious circumstances.  The prison was in use for over 110 years making it the oldest operating prison in Tennessee when it closed in June of 2009. The building reopened to the public in 2018 offering tours of the site, private events, concerts, and a distillery and restaurant operate there now. 

With so many deaths, murders, and suicides having occurred here, it isn’t surprising that there are reports of the paranormal occurring here.  Visitors have been touched, shoved, scratched and even growled at, and some have heard laughter and been told to “get out”. Shadows and apparitions have been seen here, and foul odors have been smelled, but not always in the same spot. Purple and red orbs have been seen in the “hole” which is indicative that the spirits trapped here may be aggressive in nature. 

Join us on episode 119 to hear more about the history as well as the spirits that are trapped here at Brushy Mountain! 

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