Ep. 118 – Pascagoula Abduction

On the evening of October 11, 1973, Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker decided to go fishing off the west bank of the Pascagoula River after work. There they heard a whirring noise and saw two flashing blue lights reflecting off the water. When they looked up, they saw a bright, football-shaped object in the sky where three strange creatures emerged and floated down to them. Once these creatures touched their arms, they became immobile yet a feeling of calm came over them. They were both guided and floated up to the flying ship where they were put under examination by these creatures and a machine that looked like a giant eye. Eventually they found themselves back on the shore and watched as the ship shot up into the sky and disappeared.

After some debate, both Charles and Calvin went to the police to report their experience. At first, the police thought that they were just making up a story to get attention, but once they left them alone in the interview room with a hidden recorder that caught their conversation with each other, they changed their mind. Both talked about the fear and anxiety they were experiencing and how they needed to go the doctor to get examined and make sure nothing was done to them. Charles was even given a polygraph test within a few weeks of the encounter and the agent administering the test believed that Charles saw a space ship, was taken into the space ship & that he believes that he saw three space creatures.

What happened that night almost 50 years ago? Join us on episode 118 to hear more!

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