Ep. 117 – Tulpas

Many of us grew up with an imaginary friend by our side, but these companions typically don’t usually last beyond childhood. There is an ancient idea gaining more popularity in our modern times where with enough thought and focus we can create real sentient beings called tulpas. Some believe that tulpas think on their own, have emotions as well as their own memories. Tulpas also create personalities and desires all their own separate from those that brought them to life, achieving full consciousness. 

The tulpa can become relatively independent of its creator, tending to become negatively corrupted if it doesn’t receive the attention it wants and eventually become an evil entity. Many believe that entities such as the Black Eyed Kids, Dog-men, and the British Bigfoot to name a few, could very well be Tulpas that have turned evil. 

Join us on episode 117 to hear more about Tulpas, how people believe they can create them, and so much more!

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