Ep. 116 – The Mysterious Coral Castle

In 1923, Ed Leedskalnin, a little, chronically ill guy, took 2.2 million pounds of Florida limestone, some chunks as big as 10 tons, and over the span of twenty-eight years built a castle in Homestead, Florida. To this day, no one really knows how he was able to single-handedly make this castle since he used simple hand tools and would do most of the work at night. When asked about it, Ed would only say that he knew the secrets of the people that built the pyramids. His reasoning behind building the castle was because the love of his life, Agnes, had broken his heart the day before their wedding day, and he was trying to build a place that she would be enticed to travel to and take him back.

Not only were the stones of the castle and walls put together so precisely that no light would pass through the joints, but he also created a sundial that was accurate, a Polar telescope that perfectly aligned to the North Star, and a revolving gate that only needed a simple push of the finger to make it move. The area also seems to have a mysterious and paranormal aura around the castle. People have witnessed multiple UFO’s in the sky, have seen the Skunk Ape nearby, and have had camera malfunctions, heard screams nearby as well as witnessed apparitions

How did a man with limited education and limited tools create such a marvel? Did he have help from aliens or was it something else? Join us on episode 116 to hear more!

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