Ep. 115 – Haunted and Cursed Movie Sets

There have been numerous movie sets and productions that have been cursed throughout the years, with actors dying either before the film concludes or shortly after, or with strange coincidences occurring during filming. During the filming of the 1976 film The Omen, there were three different incidents with lightning striking planes that cast members were on, as well as a producer that was nearly struck by lightning while on location in Rome. There have also been reports of strange and unexplainable paranormal instances happening on set or following a cast member home. During the filming of The Innkeepers almost everyone on the crew would have vivid dreams or wake up in the middle of the night feeling like they were not alone, and the director said that the phone in his room would ring but no one was on the other end when he would answer.

Why does it seem that horror movies end up having the most unexplained instances to happen on them? Some believe that they may be inviting evil into their filming which is why the films seem to be cursed. Before filming any of the Conjuring movies, the director and producers have the set blessed by a local priest in the area. They didn’t think to have the first film blessed, but after many paranormal and weird things occurred on set and to cast members, they decided to make a tradition.

Is it the sets themselves, or is the actors and crew that seem to attract the hauntings? If it is the set, what is drawing the paranormal energy there? Join us on episode 115 to hear more about a few Hollywood haunted and cursed sets!

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