Ep. 89 – Dogmen

Dogmen are bipedal wolf-like creatures that are over seven feet tall when standing erect, but in a small percentage of reported dogmen encounters, the witness describes the creature looking like a large, muscular human with a dog head. They are covered in hair, have glowing gold-red eyes, a pointed muzzle, and unusually long arms. In every encounter, there is an extreme feeling of dread that will overwhelm you, and many believe that the dogman uses infrasound or some form of ESP to deter and scare you.

Dogmen sightings have been recorded in 38 US states as well as all over the world, dating back to the late 1800’s with accounts of upright walking canines being reported. They were even described in the writings of Marco Polo, who claimed to have come across an entire island of dogmen, before supposedly initiating trade deals with them.

What are the dogmen? Are they an alien experiment unleashed on our world, or are they an undiscovered new species? Join us on episode 89 to hear more!

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