Ep. 88 – Paranormal Talk with Psychic Medium, Ronda Del Boccio

On this episode, we chat with Ronda Del Boccio, the official psychic medium of Paranormal Punchers! She regales us with a few of her personal experiences, including one about a spirit named “French Fry Steve” who shows up from time to time. She explains why she carries little salt packets around in her travels so that she can cleanse objects that are haunted, and why Ouija boards should be avoided. She also answers several listener questions including one about whether she had suppressed her psychic abilities at a young age or embraced them. Join us on episode 88 to hear more from Ronda!

More About Ronda:

Website: InnerGuidanceOnDemand.com
Her books from Amazon: https://www.Amazon.com/author/rondadelboccio

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