Ep. 90 – The Hollow Moon Theory

The Hollow Moon Theory, also known as the Spaceship Moon Hypothesis, suggests that Earth’s Moon is completely hollow and is the base of operations for an alien civilization. The favored official scientific explanation is that the Moon is not hollow and broke off from the Earth’s crust after it was struck by a massive object the size of Mars, but many conspiracy theorists believe it to be artificially created due to its density and size in relation to Earth, as well as the fact that it rang like a bell for hours when a lunar module from Apollo 12 crash landed there.

In 1970, two Soviet astronomers were studying the Moon and theorized that it was likely a hollow moon put in place by a highly-advanced extraterrestrial race. They believed that the large lunar craters were too shallow and too flat, and hypothesized that meteors that impacted the Moon were hitting an armored hull under the rocky surface. They also speculated that it had been a type of ark with alien species that was parked millions of years ago in our atmosphere.

Is there a reason that no one has set foot on the Moon for almost 50 years? Were we told to leave the Moon alone? Join us on episode 90 to hear more about the Hollow Moon Theory!

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