Bonus Ep. – Ian Jaydid and Lucid Dreaming

Ian Jaydid is the author of the novel “Tripping the Field: An Existential Crisis of Ungodly Proportions”, and at the age of 19, he discovered that he was able to experience lucid dreaming. He became fully aware when he was dreaming, and although he couldn’t control his dreams, he was able to steer them in the direction of his choosing. He found that lucid dreaming was a doorway for strange or paranormal phenomenon to occur, has experienced astral projection due to the lucid dreaming, and has speculated that ghosts or hauntings could be manifestations of others who are able to astral project.

Join us to hear Ian talk about topics like lucid dreaming, astral projection, shape shifting, and spontaneous healing, as well as a UFO encounter he witnessed in Colorado one night in October!

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