Ep. 85 – Kay’s Cross

In the middle of a forest near Kaysville, Utah, lies the remains of a large cement cross that had at one time stood 20 feet tall. There are many legends associated with this cross, but the most notable of them involve a polygamist who owned the land and killed seven of his wives and buried them around the cross. There are also many rumors that Satanists have used the cross for rituals and sacrifices, and there are reports of dead dogs that had been left there from the sacrifices. On February 15, 1992, the cross was blown up, and to this day the destruction has never been solved.

The cross has been known to glow if it’s a full moon, and if you touch it, it will burn you. A strange spectral woman haunts the area and chases visitors away, and people have witnessed the face of a woman appearing on the cross. There have also been sightings of witches as well as tall figures in black with glowing eyes that seem to hover and teleport in the area. A lot of people have even seen werewolves or dog men that seem to guard the cross.

Many people believe that Kay’s Cross and the area surrounding it is haunted. Join us on episode 85 to hear more about the eerie Kay’s Cross!

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