Ep. 84 – The Allagash Abductions

In August of 1976, four men went on a camping trip for two weeks in the Allagash wilderness of Northern Maine. On the 2nd night there, one of the men witnessed a strange bright object in the sky that appeared for 30 seconds before it caved in on itself and disappeared. A few days later, the men were out night fishing when they witnessed the strange light in the sky again, and after pointing their flashlight at it, the object shone a light on them engulfing the men and their canoe. The next thing they remembered was being on the shore.

Twelve years later, the men began having nightmares of creatures performing experiments on them, and after they each underwent regressive hypnosis, they realized that they all had been abducted by aliens that night so long ago. They remembered that the aliens had taken samples of their skin and body fluids and that they had terrifying faces, with large, metallic glowing eyes and insect-like hands with four fingers.

What happened that night in 1976? Join us on episode 84 to hear more about the Allagash Abductions!

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