Ep. 56 – The Mogollon Monster

The Mogollon Monster is a bipedal humanoid creature that is seen along the Mogollon Ridge in central and eastern Arizona. It is known to be over 7 feet tall, have large red eyes, covered in black or reddish hair, and like most Bigfoot-like creatures, has an incredibly strong and pungent odor. It is nocturnal, and can mimic other wildlife, even emitting a whistling sound. They can be very territorial, and have been known to throw rocks at hikers.

Sightings of these creatures are reported as going back to the early 1800’s when settlers of the area started having run ins with the monster in the canyons and forests of the region. Local Native Americans within the region have also long told stories about big hairy men who lived within the forests and canyons. They even have a few legends where a rival stole a chief’s wife, so he had the medicine man transform the thief into this creature, where still roams the area.

Is the Mogollon Monster a cousin to Bigfoot, or could it be a thief who is forever being punished? Join us on episode 56 as we delve into the Arizona Bigfoot!