Ep. 53 – Psychic Medium and Author, Ronda Del Boccio

It’s the first show of the new year! On this episode, we talk with Ronda Del Boccio, a psychic medium and author living in rural Missouri. She is mostly blind, but can see what others cannot, and has been able to all her life. She regales us with a few stories of her paranormal experiences, one being with a ghost at a gas station just looking for a beer, and we also discuss Nash’s theory on the ‘pudding skin’, which she believes is one of the best analogies she has heard about the thin veil between our reality and theirs.

Ronda shares a few tips on doing your own ghost adventure (don’t taunt the spirits!), what its like to cross a large amount of dead at once, and gives us access to her free gift of the Paranormal Survival Kit: 7 Secrets of Paranormal Self-Defense, which you can access here: (http://writeonpurpose.com/pnkit). Join us!

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