Ep. 47 – Bigfoot’s Little Bro and a Demon Named Blue

On this episode we discuss the elusive Albatwitch, Pennsylvania’s little Bigfoot! The Albatwitch is a small, slender 4′-5′ tall cryptid that is a native to the Chickies Rock area of central Pennsylvania. It is an ape-like creature with reddish-brown hair that is thought to live in the trees, only coming down for food. What food, you might ask? The Albatwitch is known for stealing apples from unsuspecting picnickers, and when finished, throwing the cores back at them!

We also talk about our time at Albatwitch Day, a festival in Columbia, PA devoted to the creature, and tell some listener submitted stories all about ghosts and demons! We even have an impromptu live skit on air inspired by one of our listener’s stories… Dylan and the Blue! Join us!